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Aksana Yakimova Steffan

I am a self-taught artist, born in a small village in Belarus. In addition to my main job as a linguist and DaF teacher (M.A), I acquired the highest degree as a drawing teacher and taught art history and led my own group of “art workshops” at school.

I have been living in Germany for 12 years. In my free time I volunteer with Nothilfe (e.V. Boxberg). We help people and children in Belarus who still have health problems after the Chernobyl environmental disaster.

In 2000 I got to know encaustic in Germany when I was working with young people from the youth center in Tauberbischofsheim in partnership with my school in Belarus. Encaustic is the second oldest painting method.

As early as 3000 years BC. this technique was known to the Egyptians. Beeswax in bright colors creates beautiful color gradients and textures.

Aksana Steffan

The art of painting is rhythmic and emotional, has a positive spiritual impact, reflecting our feelings, ennobling our soul. They are written in the old technique - encaustic. Hot wax is alive, difficult to tame, agile and bright as the human mind.

Beeswax creates sophisticated color transitions, texture and tranquility in a busy daily life. I am an artist already 30 years, but I painted intensively during my isolation. I prefer to paint encaustic, watercolor.

My passion is abstract paintings, portraits. Each art has its own story, so love is synonymous with my art. I believe that art is necessary to dream of new realities and change the world. During my career, I have completed over 700 works.


Exhibitions 2020-2021:

  • 360 Virtual Gallery in Mexico,
  • Salon Mundial del Arte,
  • Virtual Da Arte Haroldo Lousada Museum,
  • International Award Art Group Australia,
  • International Online Exhibition “Reflection of Feminine Power in Art”,
  • Mail Art Exhibition in Turkey and many others.

This type of painting has a positive effect on self-confidence. It is very relaxing and brings calm and serenity to the often hectic everyday life. I became an active member of over 350 art groups and galleries. I have a certificate of the Guinness Book.

Only in autumn 2021 did my pictures take part in exhibitions in:

  • Zurich (Art Expo) Switzerland,
  • Paris (Expo Center Contemporary Art) France and Stockgolm Sweden (Gallery Makowski),
  • Venice and Rome (Verum Centro d'Arte),
  • Istanbul, Turkey (Arte Cultura)

My own method in encaustic -

I paint on the hotplate in a short time.

In July 2021, I opened my own studio-gallery, „Greentree A2“, in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany and since then I have been actively collaborating with art galleries (Morocco, Greece, Philippines) as a curator.



Eichstraße 1, Tauberbischofsheim
97941 Deutschland
+49 176 784 506 06


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