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The Neptune GLITZ about me

Oksana Stefan President of InternationaI Art


For Oksana Steffan, a self-taught artist hailing from a small village in Belarus, love is synonymous to art. Although a linguist by profession, Oksana has led various art workshops. She has participated in different art projects along with her students, in her country, Germany.

During the lockdown, art has been a self-revealing journey for Oksana. She is now a n active member of more than 250 art groups and galleries including ArtKula, USA, International Award Art Group, Australia, Sydney and World Genyus Artista Carpathian, Ukraine. On Facebook, her art is exhibited regularly on New York Art Gallery, Museum Virtual Da Arte Haroldo Lousada and MoMa.

The Museum of Modern Art among others. She believes making art is essentialto dream of new realities and change the world.

Isolation became a collective movement for Oksana, a process - an event. Her first art projects were published on Facebook in a Russia art challenge group.

In this group, people locked in their homes presented and reinterpreted world masterpieces of different genres, eras and cultures. Her first works in isolation were comprised of everyday objects such as clothes, food and other simple household items. In complete isolation, Oksana began to see beauty in simple things adding a sense of peace and harmony in her life. Her most popular work was a composition made out of a banana, A dog lying on the snow, after the famous painting by Franz Mark (1911). It won 45,000 likes and sha res of over 1000.

Oksana's artworks have earned numerous certificates in various nominations across the world including Certificato D'Arte die Milano - Strano Gruppo Italy/ Egypt, and Gold Award - L&L InternationaI Group Online Exposition, Brazil. Carving a unique niche for herself, Oksana's passion lies in abstract paintings and portraits, mostly using hot and wet media like encaustic, watercolour, ink  and even digital. Beeswax, which produces exquisite colour gradients and textures, adds calmness and equanimity to everyday life that is hectic.

The art of encaustic painting is emotional, rhythmic and hard to tame.

The hot wax is alive, mobile and vivid, like one's senses.

In the year 2000, she got acquainted with encaustic in Germany while working in collaboration with her school in Belarus with children from the Youth House in Tauberbischofsheim.

In the album 'Daily mail, Oksana's artworks were taken to illustrate lyrics by the Russian poet Sergey Mayrin. She is currently the President of the Germany

chapter of International Art Acts, a global peace promoting organization through Art.

Dr. Dipankar Roy
Global Chairman and President of International Art Acts



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